My recycled antique glass jewelry

My company was born out of love of all things old, and letting the items from our past live on in some way. My jewelry is handmade in Pennsylvania from the broken antique glass and bottles I reclaim from the old glass dumps found in the wooded habitats and rural farmlands in and around the Pennsylvania Amish Country. From old Clorox jugs, broken vintage Noxzema jars, depression glass dishware, old blue mason jars, and many, many more, I have reclaimed and repurposed this broken glass into a stunning line of modern jewelry and wearable art. Please visit my site at to see this amazing collection that truly “Preserves that past, while helping the future”.


13 thoughts on “My recycled antique glass jewelry

  1. Tracy Neilson

    I have just discovered your work! I love it! Thank you. What a gift you have, I am envious that I have no creativity and I am happy for you that you do!!
    Question, do you have a store front or do you only vend via your website or etsy? If you have a store front, I would love to visit it and see your beautiful ware(s) in person. If not, I will be shopping online! :>)

  2. Kimberly

    I really like the idea that this artist uses the re-claim, re-purpose, recycle, and then re-invent process. I have a love for glass myself so this combo is purely stunning! Keep it up! I’m spreading the word to all my artsy friends and my three jewelry loving daughters.
    Best of luck with your enterprise!

  3. Donna

    All are very beautiful! Great idea!!

    I actually want to purchase the earrings that looks like that look to be made out of depression glass. However I can’t find it to order, only the pieces that are in the cages!! I guess those particular ones displayed, aren’t for sale??

  4. Barbara szal

    Love all your jewelry I have seen they are gorgeous and reasonable. Do you make anything not for pierced ears. Thank you and keep up the beautiful work

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